What Is Law New?

law new

Law new refers to the practice of law in a variety of ways that are not traditional. For example, it can mean working with underserved communities, providing legal services in unique ways and creating strategies that have not been a part of the legal field in the past. These types of practices can help a firm find a new source of revenue and also provide clients with the type of legal support they need in a way that is different from other options they may have available to them.

This concept is one that all firms need to understand well if they are going to be successful in the future of the legal industry. It can be a great way to offer the kinds of legal support that people need without impacting other areas of law that might be the primary focus of the firm. By embracing this concept, it is possible for a firm to discover that it can provide the kind of support many people need in a variety of ways while still providing the best legal services in the world.

The spring issue of State & Local Law News covers the latest developments in the law of interest to State and local government lawyers, highlights of upcoming Section events, and much more. This month’s issue includes articles on a critical Colorado River Compact negotiation, Oregon’s gun control initiative, and the benefits of working with a public affairs firm to navigate the political process.

Local Law 197 of 2021

To establish protections for displaced hotel service employees in the event of an ownership change or bankruptcy and to require that such establishments offer severance pay.

Local Law 198 of 2021

To require that third-party food delivery services obtain a City license and repeal the existing subchapter in the Administrative Code regulating such services, to allow the Department to deny, refuse or revoke a permit, to prohibit a business from operating in the absence of a valid permit and to require that each pushcart be accompanied by a supervisor with a current City vendor registration.

Local Law 199 of 2021

To amend the provisions of Chapter 5 of Title 20 of the Administrative Code of the City of New York relating to data breaches, to clarify the definition of “personally identifiable information” and to align the City’s data breach notification laws with the requirements in New York State law.

Local Law 200 of 2021

To create a system to ensure that process servers are licensed and regulated, and to establish penalties for violations of the regulations.

This bill would allow the City to waive and refund certain sidewalk café revocable consent fees in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. It would also require that pushcarts display a sign noting that the City’s health officials have approved them for operation. It would also require that a supervisor hold a current city vendor registration for each cart and designate a unit within DCWP to exclusively enforce vending laws.