What is Law New?

Law new is a concept that is changing the way that lawyers think about their practice. It can mean many different things, but it always involves looking for innovative ways to offer help and services to clients. It may also involve finding ways to deliver these services more efficiently. It is a field that deserves close attention by all who work in the legal profession.

BILL: A proposal to create a law. A bill can be sponsored by a single legislator or may be joined by others who are known as cosponsors. A bill can be moved through the legislative process in several ways, such as being referred to committee, being placed on the calendar, or being amended. A bill is a piece of legislation that eventually becomes a statute, or written law, once it has been passed by Congress or another legislative body.


DCWP is adopting rules to implement Local Law 202 of 2019, Local Law 144 of 2021, and Local Law 37 of 2022. The rules add penalty schedules for violations related to keeping or selling force-fed products, open captioning in motion picture theaters, and automated employment decision tools. The rules also include a change to item pricing requirements for retail stores that sell food, drink, and tobacco products.