What is Law New?

law new

Law is constantly evolving and new trends in practice are emerging. One of these areas, known as law new, is a way of offering legal services in unique ways that benefit clients and offer a different way to approach the profession. This concept can be a difficult one to define, but the term refers to many things including working with underserved communities and offering legal help in new ways. It also means using technology, focusing on process and developing strategies that may not have been a part of standard practice in the past.

Learn how a bill becomes a law

In Congress, legislation begins as a proposed policy that’s put forward by a member of the House or Senate. The draft then goes through a process of research, discussion, changes and voting before becoming a law.

New laws and rules

This page summarizes new laws enacted or passed during a legislative session. You can filter by year, switch between regular or special sessions and select a legislative body to view laws that were enacted during its meeting.