Researching Business News at the Library of Congress

The term business describes the activities of commercial organisations. It encompasses all commercial activity, from the production of goods and services to the exchange of money. Businesses may be private, public or not-for-profit and can range in size from small entrepreneurs operating out of their homes to massive multinational corporations listed on stock markets. Profit-seeking activities are the primary focus of businesses, and they achieve this by trading products and services for money. Profits are used to reinvest in the business or return them to owners, depending on the organisation’s structure.

In the context of journalism, business news is a specific genre that covers topics related to the economy and financial matters. It is a major component of newspaper and magazine content, and can also be found on radio and television news programs. Many of these media outlets have a dedicated business section, with some publications and broadcasts focused solely on business news.

While business is generally seen as a positive force, it can also be viewed negatively when businesses do not behave responsibly or when they are accused of wrongdoing. A number of reasons can be cited for this, from personal greed to insufficient scrutiny of corporate affairs and an indifference to public opinion.

The Library of Congress has numerous resources for researching business news, including print and microform newspaper titles as well as online sources. Most general business news publications will include coverage of both local and international events, while industry guides can help you identify trade publications that cover only a specific region or sector. If you need assistance identifying business news sources or have questions about conducting research at the Library of Congress, please feel free to contact a reference librarian via email or Ask-A-Librarian.