How to Write an Entertaining Article


An entertaining article is written for the purpose of amusing or enlightening readers. It may contain a wide variety of topics ranging from hard news to celebrity gossip. The best entertainment articles are researched thoroughly. Interviews should be conducted with the subject of the article if possible. This is especially important in the case of celebrity articles.

When writing an article about a popular celebrity, research any humanitarian causes they are associated with. This will add a dimension to the article that is otherwise lacking. It is also helpful to research the subject’s past work. Many readers like to see how a new film, play or book compares to previous works by the author.

Karaoke is a great source of entertainment for many people. Writing an article that lists some of the best karaoke bars in a city can help to spread the word about these fun activities. Another popular form of entertainment is sports. Writing an article about the latest sports scandals can be both interesting and controversial. It is also helpful to read any authorized biographies of the subject if possible.