How Our Laws Are Made – New California Laws Take Effect This Week

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SAN FRANCISCO — The new year is bringing an array of changes to how people live, work and play in California. Among the laws taking effect this week:

AB 452: Eliminates the time limits that childhood victims of sexual abuse have to recover civil damages.

SB 712: Allows tenants to store electric scooters or bicycles in their apartments, as long as they meet safety standards.

A bill’s committee report is an important tool for understanding its purpose and scope. A committee’s staff writes a detailed, section-by-section analysis that sets forth precisely what each piece of legislation intends to accomplish. These reports are used by courts, executive departments and the public.

This is one of several dozen committee reports that will be available online as part of a new, interactive version of How Our Laws Are Made, which includes an enhanced PDF version of each individual committee report. The PDF will be searchable and provide links to the legislative records of each bill. It will also include all amendments and explanations of the bill. The online versions will be free and accessible to the general public.