A Guide to Business News

business news

A business is a commercial enterprise that buys and sells goods or services. It is also used in a more general way to refer to an activity or industry: ‘the business of music’; ‘the sports business’. Business news refers to information about businesses and their activities as a whole. This news is typically published in newspapers and magazines, or online, and may focus on specific industries or the overall economy. A specialized type of business news is provided by trade publications, which cover events and trends within a particular field. This information is important for investors and other stakeholders in the business community, as it helps them make informed decisions about their investments.

The history of business news goes back to the 1700s, when Daniel Defoe (author of Robinson Crusoe) began publishing newspaper articles about the stock market and the commercial world. In the 1880s, Charles Dow and Edward Jones began a wire service to deliver business news to investment houses along Wall Street. This was the beginning of the modern business news industry. In the 1900s, muckraking journalist Ida Tarbell became famous for her reporting on the Standard Oil Company, which led to a series of lawsuits against the corporation and helped spur the development of the modern business news media.

This guide was prepared by the business reference team at the Library of Congress. Its focus is on news sources in the United States, although major international business news outlets are included where appropriate. To find additional sources, consult the list of print and microform resources available through the Newspaper and Current Periodicals Room at the Library of Congress or ask a librarian for assistance.

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